About us

We are DesignersPulse. DesignersPulse is a fully dedicated platform working towards the marketing needs of individual, established and renowned brands. Every brand need marketing and it needs it every day. We are DesignersPulse and we provide marketing solution to designers. DesignersPulse works exclusively with designers and get them the extra eyeballs that they need. Whats is a design if no one gets t see it. We get you the reach that is targeted and is expected to convert into business indirectly or directly, now or in coming days. Each of our featured designer is special to us and we take the equal amount of efforts to market it as we would do for any other listed designer irrespective of its size and expertise.

IDEA BEHIND DesignersPulse

Every designer is trying to make an mark for itself in this crowded world and most of times it is seen that small, individual designers lose out to established brands and are not able to expand as expected. There are numerous websites that are working towards marketing businesses but we saw a unilled gap for a special specific online portal that markets only designers. DesignersPulse is conceived with an idea to provide a common marketing platform to designers while keeping their individuality intact. We do not offer complicated marketing solutions that are hard to follow and at times are equally hard to evaluate. We work on a simple formulae of expanding the reach to targeted audience.

Who are our customers

Every designer is a customer. Every business needs marketing and they need it on a regular basis. Businesses need to reach out to newer audiences at a faster pace than their competitors and that is exactly what we offer. Fashion designers, Interior decorators, accessories designers, mens/kids/women all designers are our prospects.

How will a designer benefit

We get you the extra marketing. We are just like the billboard on the highway. People may not buy at our site but will surely remember you. The additional marketing tool that will get you more (and more importantly targeted) audience. World is moving towards mobile and social media. We have an expert team of people who know the mobile and social media in and out.